Why C360?

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CSP C360 By Your Side

With CSP C360 by your side, you benefit from Services and Solutions at mill direct pricing that, combined with availability, innovation and signature services, give you an edge over your competition while reducing the risks for both you and your project.  

CSP Coat 360 is part of what many deem as the fourth industrial revolution using smart factory systems characterized by technology and processes geared towards adaptability, resource efficiency and ergonomics directed towards the integration of customers value and competitive advantage needs.  


CSP C360 enables you to directly source World Class API certified services and solutions manufactured in an ISO certified facility that enable you to procure from one of the leaders and trusted manufacturers in the world while giving you the competitive edge you need to succeed in the 21st century on site, on time and on budget.

We create value for you by leveraging our technology, business networks, platforms and global cross-functionality to provide you with unparalleled capabilities that bring products, processes, information, services and solutions closer together giving you the competitive edge you need to succeed.


By converging manufacturing, services and logistics, CSP C360 allows you to  simplify your supply chain experience by using our all-encompassing platform Line Pipe services and solutions. After all, your purchase experience shouldn’t be an adventure, it should be a certainty.  Leave your adventures to your travels and your peace of mind to CSP C360.

Reducing Risk

Most of today’s business models for tubular manufacturing and distribution  have their roots in previous industrial revolutions. They are based largely on the customer adapting to the vendors selling style and forcing customers to choose between manufacturers, distributors and trading companies while guessing additional logistical and ancillary costs.

CSP C360 has individualized mill direct pricing and worldwide delivery programs designed to reduce your in process inventory and carrying costs, while maximizing project efficiency and ROI. Our offerings include customized products down to lot size and make-to-me products.

Together with our customers, we design predetermined delivery schedules to meet product flow, while safe-guarding on-site stock depletion and minimizing storage space, costs and risks. Deliveries can be set to single, multiple or roving locations based on project needs.

At CSP C360 we take an uncompromising approach to quality assurance. Our Global Quality Assurance Travel Team adheres to the highest standards in the industry. Skilled engineers, experienced manufacturers and logistics experts work together to make sure that the integrity of our products is compliant from cradle todelivery.


 The Edge

Line Pipe users encounter ceilings of complexity on a regular basis.  In order to overcome these challenges, a company must have a reliable and proactive partner in the supply chain that can identify the signs of setbacks before they occur and make adjustments to keep your plan on track with the ability to pivot when the need arises.

At CSP C360 we have two parallel consistent disciplines to create an Edge for you.  First of all, we manage our projects with the goal of generating value and delivery conditions greater than those created by the general market, and we relentlessly pursue an edge for the benefit of the customer.  At the same time we employ a “value pricing discipline” which means all the products, services and solutions in our offering portfolios are quoted at prices discounted to their intrinsic values.

Because understanding your needs is at the forefront of our business we work together with you to create a clear and reasonable plan to help you reach your project goals while minimizing risk and cost and maximizing value.