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CSP Coat 360® offers two three-layer coating systems; polyethylene (3PE) or polypropylene (3PP). A three-layer pipe external anti-corrosion system consists of a layer of high-performance Fusion Bonded Epoxy onto which a co-polymer adhesive layer is extruded, followed by a layer of extruded polyethylene or polypropylene until the desired thickness is obtained. 

This coating system provide pipeline protection at the following operating temperatures:

  • Three-layer polyethylene: suitable for temperatures between 40ºC and 85ºC
  • Three-layer polypropylene: suitable for temperatures between -40ºC and 110ºC

In addition to the chemical and adhesive properties of the epoxy powder, the polyethylene coating system provides physical and mechanical advantages. The polypropylene coating system ensures performance at high temperatures, as well as excellent corrosion resistance. When exposed to either acid or alkaline media, an extended lifetime in highly corrosive soils is assured. Both the high-density polyethylene and polypropylene have low water permeation characteristics that allow improved isolation from the surrounding sea water compared to other coating systems.