JIT Supply Program

CSP Coat 360's Just-in-Time programs are designed as a strategy to reduce our customers' in-process inventory and carrying costs, thus maximizing your project efficiency and ROI. We design predetermined delivery schedules specifically for each customer, to meet product flow, while safeguarding on-site stock depletion and minimizing storage space and costs. Deliveries can be set to single, multiple or roving locations based on project needs.


CSP C360 has individualized short and long term storage solutions that combined with our worldwide delivery programs are designed to reduce your in process inventory and carrying costs, while maximizing project efficiency and ROI.  Together with our customers, we design predetermined manufacturing, storage and delivery schedules to meet product flow, while safe-guarding on-site stock depletion and minimizing storage space, costs and risks. Our storage and transportation services can be scaled and customized to our customers' needs.  Deliveries can be set to single, multiple or roving locations based on project needs.

Our campus scope and size gives us the flexibility to manage space intensive projects, of up to 300,000 tons of tubulars. If you simply require storage space, stand-alone warehousing services or a combination of our manufacturing, storage, coating and logistics services, we can provide you with a solution that works for you.














Integrated Logistics

There's no place on Earth that we cannot deliver your pipe and steel. The CSP logistics team is the best in the business. We count on our active and proactive in-house Maritime and Ground Transportation departments to track, safeguard and deliver our cargo directly to any destination in the World.

Our scope of services also includes charters, export/import documentation, stevedoring services, inspections, customs clearance, and intermodal transport.

CSP manages every component of shipping your materials including handling, storage and optimal packaging. We transport by ground (trucks or rail), water (ocean vessels or barges) and airfreight.

CSP: on site, on time, on budget.